Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last Celebration before Lent...still haven't decided what I'm "going to give up" and probably won't decide until midnight!!

A sweet dear sexy Southern Lady, Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet, decided to host a Mardi Gras Celebration and invited everyone to join in. Click on her blog name and you can link to all who have participated and take a look at Southern favorites!

My favorite drink in New Orleans is not the Hurricane, which is usually the drink of choice during Mardi Gras, but the Ramos Gin Fizz! I wanted to make one for this celebration but my orange blossom water did not arrive in time..maybe I can post it in a few days! Refreshing and something totally different, for someone who is not much of a drinker, I really liked these!

In looking at recipes to make I wanted to keep it I decided on
Creole Chicken Skewers...

Very easy to assemble, makes a delicious appetizer! I only made a small batch, but the recipe below makes a large amount. Depending on the type of Creole seasoning you have and the amount you use will determine how 'spicy' they turn out... I served the tenders with a dill ranch dip to equal out the spice.

One bag frozen chicken tenders (approx. 48 tenders in a bag), thawed
6" wooden skewers, soaked in water overnight
powdered creole seasoning
(salt only if creole seasoning does not already contain salt)
Thaw the chicken tenders enough so you can thread the chicken securely onto the skewers, leaving the point just inside the tip of the chicken so the blunt end
of the skewer is the handle. Preheat oven to 350F. Line up the skewered chicken on a cooling rack inside a foil-covered baking sheet or broiler pan. Lightly dust each side of the chicken with creole seasoning. If your creole seasoning does not contain salt, also add salt to taste. Bake at 350F for 20 minutes each side, turning skewers over, or just until the chicken barely loses its sheen. These are underdone so when you heat them for the party they will not be overdone and dry. Freeze under baked chicken skewers individually then store in plastic bags in freezer until ready to serve. Lay out frozen chicken skewers on cooling racks over a foiled pan again and bake at 350F until done. Makes 48 skewers

My other contribution was something I had never made before, but it was one I have seen so many times.... so TA DA !!

Simple, simple recipe:
1 C Brown sugar
1/2 Cup white sugar
1/2 Cup Water
1/2 Cup heavy cream
Cook in saucepan to a soft ball stage 234 to 240 degrees on a candy thermometer
Stir in 1 1/2 Cups of chopped pecans
Drop by spoon or pour in mounds onto a buttered cookie sheet

They may not have turned out as the prettiest shape, but the taste is just fantastic!

Suzy, Thank you so much for being the hostess of Mardi Gras in our blog world !!

Now, I can start planning a St Patty's Day Celebration that is being hosted by a Lively Irish Lass, Kathleen at Cuisine Kathleen! Click on her link for details.


SusanQ said...

Great post, Barb! Your chicken skewers looks delicious. I was actually thinking about making pecan pralines also. Another found memory from New Orleans.

Can't wait to see your Ramos Gin Fizz too.

Kathleen said...

They look excellent! I would be using the ranch dip...:)
And the Pralines look good too!
It was a fun party!

Jayne said...

Barb, the chicken looks good, but those pralines put me over the edge. Gosh, they must be delicious! Looking forward to the Ramos Gin Fizz... I saw Emeril make them the other day.

dishesdone said...

Excellent, Barb! The skewers look delicious and what great idea to make pralines! They look so good! and the Fizz! Fun post!

Cynthia said...

Pecan pralines ... Oh, Barb, I wish that I lived closer to you. They're gorgeous, but totally sinful.

The chicken skewers look good and sound good. The dill ranch dip sounds delicious. I love dips with dill.

Wonderful post, Barb.

Suzy said...

Ohhhhhhhh wonderful Barb!!! Love that you did pralines! We really did cover a lot of bases at our little shindig. The chicken skewers look pretty tasty too.

And THANKS for referring to me as Sexy!!! lol I am so NOTTTTT! :-) But maybe on Mardi Gras..who knows!

Thanks so much for coming to the party! Don't give up too much for Lent..we have St. Patty to consider.

P.S. Don't forget to go put your link on my website in the Mr. Linky thing. Email me if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about.

Marsha said...

What great things you brought to the party. The creole chicken skewers sound wonderful with the ranch dip and pralines, WOW! Do they taste as good as they look? Pecans and carmel, my mouth is watering.

I need to google that drink - but fun that you thought of the beverages :-)

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

Barb, what a great idea to make the chicken skewers! I was thinking of making pralines when I saw them on one of Emeril's menus, so next year for sure! I'm interested in the drink too!

E. Lee said... favorite pralines are the ones that look like melted caramel (some of them are opaque and grainy). Thanks for the recipe!