Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fiesta Chicken

I know, I know that I haven't been posting much lately but I will try and rectify that in the next few weeks. Lots of changes going on in my life and now have to begin to prioritize, with this blog being towards the top for awhile!!

This dish is a stand-by favorite of my sister, Laurie! I have to admit she actually made this one and invited me up to join in. The recipe is so simple and tasted fresh and was ever so filling. One of the variations is to put the chicken on top of rice, but in my opinion that would be almost too heavy. The tortilla chips seem to be just the right component.


Fiesta Chicken

1 jar salsa
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 pkg frozen corn
1 can black beans (drained)
2 tsp minced garlic(or 2 cloves minced)

Stir together salsa,corn,beans and garlic
Place in crockpot with uncooked chicken
Cook on high for 4 hrs
Serve over rice or shred and serve over tortilla chips
May dot with sour cream when serving.

It's super easy! My kind of recipe.

I'll also give you a peek at a new clematis I have this's called Ville De Lyon and is so pretty...

I fill a "topsy-turvey" pot with these Supertunias - Vista Bubblegum... I'll be showing you photos as the summer goes on.


Dishesdone said...

Super easy is my kind of recipe, too, Barb! That looks so good!

Cynthia said...

Barb, Laurie's chicken looks wonderful. I love the combination of corn and black beans. The dish looks very tasty and a dollop of sour cream is the perfect touch.

Gorgeous clematis and petunias ...

Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Yummm, the chicken looks divine! Beautiful flowers! ☺ Diane

Kathleen said...

Barb, blog with without no comes first!

Your chicken looks delicious and your bloomers are purty! :)

Marsha said...

We make that very same chicken recipe and it is a favorite here as well. Used to be an old standby when I worked in town.

I love your pink clematis and supertunias!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I'm getting to think I need to buy a crock pot! This looks delicious, Barb. The combination of flavors sounds so good!

Beautiful pinks :)