Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post Of 2009 !

My last post for the year of 2009 - actually I thought this year would never end! The beginning of a New Year seems to always bring along with it new hope of better things to come. And for one, I am looking forward to it with great aspirations!

Earlier this year a very dear sweet friend sent me a gift that I couldn't wait to put to use. Cynthia sent me my very first Peggy Karr Glass plate!

A beautiful Christmas tray, perfect to showcase any Christmas goodie I wanted to show off..

It has all the figures that remind you of Christmas... stocking, angel, reindeer, gingerbread man, stars and more! My favorite one is the angel which reminds me of my Mom who loved angels of every kind!

The detail work is magnificent, I wish my photos could catch it's real essence.

Then to decide what to premier on this gorgeous plate... I decided on a recipe posted my another dear friend, Jayne from A Grain of Salt... Chocolate Covered Cheesecake Squares!

The little cheesecakes were a big hit with my oldest son as well! My intention was to take these little morsels to our family Christmas get-together, but unfortunately it was cancelled due to about 20" of snow on Christmas Day! Since I didn't want them sitting around the house (for obvious reasons) I took them up to my local Courthouse so they could enjoy them. They were definitely a hit there also since I was requested to send them the recipe!

I want to Thank Cynthia again for the beautiful PK plate, I will treasure it for years to come. It will always have a special place of honor for every Christmas! Also to Jayne for the wonderful recipe which I will make again next Christmas..hopefully the rest of my family will get the chance to enjoy them.

Wishing my small group of followers a very Happy New Year! It means so much to me that you enjoy my blog and keep coming back!!

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Cathy said...

A very happy New Year to you also, Barb. If I had been alone in the house with a plate of cheesecake squares it wouldn't have been a pretty site. New Year's resolution #3: no more cream cheese.

Your glass plate is so festive. Won't it be fun to bring it out every year to display your wonderful desserts!

Dishesdone said...

I love your plate! Cynthia is a real sweetheart, it's a gorgeous gift! LOL, she certainly has turned us all into PK people!

You're definitely in good at the Courts now, those cheesecakes look fantastic!

Happy to move on to a New Year as well! Wishing you all good things in 2010 :)

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

That plate was so perfectly chosen for you, Barb, after all the Christmas cookies you made last year! Those cheesecake bites look beautiful on the plate and you were so kind to share them at the courthouse.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you, Barb!

Cynthia said...

Barb, Happy 2010 to you ... the chocolate covered cheesecake squares look decadent AND delicious. ... I can definitely understand wanting to get them out of the house. :)

How fun to open your post and see the PK. I'm so pleased that you like the plate and that the pattern has special meaning for you. I hope you get years and years of enjoyment from it.

Sara's Sweet Surprise said...

Barb~ Happy New Year! Your PK dish was the perfect way to display your sweet confections.

I'm with you... chocolate is a "must have" in Heaven.

The lace trumpets have such a delicate nature to them. They make such a elegant statement at any setting. Almost to pretty to eat...almost,lol.

Sweet wishes,

Lori E said...

Oh my I don't think I can look at any more chocolate. I have been very, very bad.

Kathleen said...

The plate was so perfect for you..I remember your Darling Bakers 12 days of cookies well.
The cheesecake squares look so good.
I must try them !
Happy 2010 Barb!

Marsha said...

I agree with everyone - Cynthia chose the perfect plate for you! We will never forget the goodie making you did in 2008! The plate looks so pretty on it's own that it is a shame to cover up the design unless one is doing it with those fantastic look cheesecake squares! I would have snacked on them all the way to the courthouse before I gave the remainder away, LOL!

Joyce said...

What a wonderful gift. Now the cheesecake bites look delicious and no wonder the court house workers wanted the recipe. I hope the snow stays away for a time. It was 18 here this AM in Atlanta and I am sitting here full dressed plus my bathrobe and I am freezing. If I could fit inside my dryer I would climb in and turn it on to get warm for a few minutes. I wish my sofa had heated seats like my car:) Burr!

Debbie said...

Barb, what a beautiful plate, and just perfect for the Christmas cookies that you will make year after year. Those cheesecake bites look decadent! I am making them for Valentine's Day for the office.

A Happy and Healthy New Year to you!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

That plate is so cute, but oh, thoe cookies look wonderful! Hope you have a wonderful 2010! laurie

A Grain of Salt said...

Barb, I'm so late in catching up, but glad I saw this... that PK plate is perfect for you. We have such a very "sweet" bunch of friends! Your cheesecake bites look perfect...glad to hear they were a hit.

Suzy said...

What a pretty plate Cynthia picked out for you!! I could use one of those cheesecake squares right about now!