Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Fruit Torte

Just had to try this recipe since it's been floating around many blogs these past few weeks. There are different variations, some use vanilla some don't...wether you call it a torte or just a cake topped with fruit there will be NO disappointment. Any type pan will do... a pie plate, torte pan or a springform pan (which is what I used). Find the recipe on Kathleen's blog Cuisine Kathleen or check out the recipe for Summer Torte by Marion Burros posted on GardenWeb.

Since I had some raspberries on hand I needed to get used up, I thought this would be perfect for the recipe. I did sweeten the raspberries a little before I put them on the batter since I didn't want a "tart torte"!

My edges did seem to be a tad over baked so I would start checking for doneness at 40 minutes... but even with that it was still DELICIOUS!!!! This is such an easy recipe to throw together I will be using it all year long. Can't wait to do one with peaches or mangoes....


Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

Looks great Barb, and so easy too! I'm making one as soon as I finish eating the blueberry pie :-)

Kathleen said...

Looks delicious, Barb..
I don't think my mom knew Marion...her recipe is a little diff , but basically the same.
Bake time depends on the size of the pan, and dark pans cook faster too..
I start checking at 30..
Isn't it easy?, and a great way to use up the fruit! I bought the plums to make another one, but didn't try it yet...I always remember my mom's with plums..
Good to see you back blogging, you working girl!

Marsha said...

I'm glad you finally got a break to come back to blogging! I might have to come visit for a piece of that ;) Just kidding...still catching up here!

Mary said...

This is just a beautiful dessert and perfect for the berry harvest season.
I can imagine how good it tastes with
ice cream.

Cynthia said...

Barb, I don't know how I missed you gorgeous Fruit Torte. The recipe definitely is a hit this summer. I kind of followed along on the GardenWeb post as it happened. ... 150 responses amazing.

Yours looks amazing... raspberries are definitely a favorite around here ... seeds and all. Makes it tastier IMO.

Joyce said...

Looks wonderful and honestly I could eat the entire thing I am so hungry this morning:)

Lilly's Home said...

I just must try this looks so good! I think I'll try plums!

Thanks for your visit...enjoy the sunshine!


Dishesdone said...

How'd I miss this one? It looks great!

We made it a few times in camp this year, you can use any fruit, it's so good! I love the crusty top and yours looks perfect!