Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A "JULIA" Recipe !

After seeing Julie & Julia I knew I just had to try one of Julia’s recipes. I “googled” or “gurgled” a number of them and found one that made me salivate a tad too much! Anytime the sauce has wine and heavy whipping cream you just know it will be delicious!!

I followed the directions to a tee… using shallots, beef stock & vermouth. I used my Calphalon “Everyday pan” since I didn’t have the type of casserole mentioned. I was VERY skeptical of the chicken being done in 6 minutes…and it wasn’t! I checked it at the end of the six minutes, turned the breasts over and put the wax paper back on and returned to oven for another 4 minutes. After I placed the chicken on the platter I turned off the oven, covered the platter and returned it to the oven while I made the sauce. The chicken was ‘perfect”, so moist and juicy.

As you can imagine, what makes this dish is the sauce. When I was boiling down the stock and wine with the butter and mushrooms the recipe said it would get syrupy…I didn’t think it did at all! When I thought it was at a decent consistency I added the cream and stirred vigorously until it thickened. Some comments I had read online were if not stirred fast enough the butter and cream may separate, so I took those comments to heart. The sauce turned out so velvety and bursting with flavor.

This is a dish I will definitely make again and again – especially when I want to impress someone!

Bon Appėtit !!

Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons

Julia Child’s Chicken Breasts with Mushroom & Cream
Serves 4

4 supremes (boneless, skinless chicken breasts)
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 tsp salt
Big pinch white pepper
5 Tbsp. Butter
1 Tbsp. Minced shallot or green onion
1/4 pound diced or sliced fresh mushrooms
1/8 tsp salt

1/4 Cup white or brown stock or canned beef bouillon
1/4 Cup port, Madeira or dry white vermouth
1 Cup whipping cream
Salt & Pepper
2 Tbsp. Minced parsley

Preheat oven to 400 degrees

Rub the chicken breast with drops of lemon juice and sprinkle lightly with salt & pepper. Heat the butter in a heavy, ovenproof casserole, about 10 inches in diameter until it is foaming. Stir in the minced shallots a sauté a moment without browning. Then stir in the mushrooms and sauté lightly for a minute or two without browning. Sprinkle with salt.

Quickly roll the chicken in the butter mixture and lay a piece of buttered wax paper over them, cover casserole and place in hot oven. After 6 minutes, press top of chicken with your finger. If still soft, return to oven for a moment or two. When the meat is springy to the touch it is done. Remove the chicken to a warm platter. (leave mushrooms in the pot) and cover while making the sauce.

To make sauce, pour the stock and wine in the casserole with the booking butter and mushrooms. Boil down quickly over high heat until liquid is syrupy. Stir in the cream and boil down again over high heat until cream is thickened slightly. Off heat, taste for seasoning and add drops of lemon juice to taste. Pour the sauce over the chicken, sprinkle with parsley and serve immediately.


Marsha said...

Barb, this sounds great! I need to see this movie everyone says such great things...I have been looking up more Julia recipes though and this one sure looks does look good.

Curious minds want to there a certain person you are getting ready to impress? ;) Spill girl!

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

What a delicious dish! A wonderful sauce can really make a plain meal divine - Julia knew what she was doing. Kudos to you for making it! I need to try this one.

Mary said...

I've always loved this recipe. Your photographs are gorgeous. About the timing...The supremes that were used in the original recipe were a good deal smaller than the ones in the store today.

Foley said...

Thanks Mary - they must have been alot smaller - I had forgot to mention I even pounded mine out just a little so they weren't so thick.

Cathy said...

I've just seen the movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and can't wait to make one of Julia's dishes.

Today's chicken breasts are huge so I cut them in half lengthwise or pound them to an even thickness. This sauce looks heavenly. You've got my mouth watering, Barb.

Joyce said...

I am on my way to see the movie today and I can't wait since you and others say it is so good.

Audrey said...

I just found your blog, Barb! I can't believe I didn't even know you had one! Keep in mind that now that I know, I will be coming over for more leftovers when I see something delicious on here. :) Talk to you soon-Audrey

Cynthia said...

Gorgeous looking and sounding dish, Barb. You certainly are adventurous when it comes to cooking (and baking). How wonderful that you were inspired by Julia and the movie.

The close-up picture makes my mouth water. I'd love to reach in and grab the plate. Great job!

Roban said...

I happened to see your blog title in someone's sidebar and had to check out this Julia recipe. This looks so good (and sounds do-able enough for me even!). I may have to try this next weekend.

Nicole Feliciano said...

Ohh la la, I did a tomato recipe to share:

Hope you can stop by and join in my recipe exchange.

Kathleen said...

Oh this is such a nice change from looking at roosters!!! I like chickens much better, and your looks delicious!

Dishesdone said...

Looks fantastic, Barb! LOL, "gurgling!"

The pic is awesome! Julia's breasts look so fabulous :)

susan said...

Okay!! I am going to try this next week! I have been wanting to make something "Julia" even if I can't pronounce it! Thanks for sharing the recipe and tips!!

susan said...

Made it tonight--We would eat the sauce on cardboard :) Delicious!

Suzy said...

Now my mouth is watering.......sorry its taken me so long to get here and comment. I am so hungry now!!!! lol I know I would LOVE this.

Dishesdone said...

I'm still impressed :) I may have to tackle this one!

Debbie at Mountain Breaths said...

I can't believe I missed this back in August Barb, and the photography is as stunning as the meal. This I will make!! Thanks for joining the Julia tribute.

heartnsoulcooking said...

I found your blog via Jayne @ A Grain of Salt.
Julia Child was a wonderful cook and her recipes are awesome. THANKS!!! for sharing.